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Wednesday October 27th 2021

Fox News still tries to court “Birthers”

The White house released President Obama’s Long-Form birth certificate earlier today putting an end to the so-called “birther” debate, or did it?

Below are headlines from major news organizations that covered the news of the long-form birth certificate release. One headline sticks out.  (Click on image to expand)

Fox News’s unique headline may signal a hint and the beginning of the next phase of the “birther” debate.

FOX NEWS: White House Releases what it Says is President Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate

CNN: White House releases Obama birth certificate

ABC News: President Obama Releases Original Long Form Birth Certificate

MSNBC: White House Releases Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate

CBS News: Obama releases long-form birth certificate

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3 Responses to “Fox News still tries to court “Birthers””

  1. ros jasper says:

    This birther issue has become absolutely irritating–and annoying–Mr. Trump has lost my attention by avoiding the important issues–hope Fox will be ending their tirade on the birther issue…
    ps I am not a democract-am an independent

  2. B.A. Spraberry says:

    I say its time Obama finally released his Birth Certificate. Now, Juan Williams and Shep Smith are acting so holy and “above it all” Do they not forget how Obama was totally “hands off by the media” in the first election. Have the forgotten how the Dems and the Press poked their nose into everyting
    “Sara Palin”……even her personal life which was not of their business and still continue to ridicule her and make fun of her with no reason other than they want Obama or someone else in office. This includs some Republicans also. If you are running for office…you are opening your life up to be examined……and that should go for both sides. You are not immune for any reason. If something involves your credibility to be President, you need to provide whatever information is required. Being a citizen of this country is required to be President…..doesn’t matter who you are or who is financing you.

  3. Jane McGraw says:

    Why didn’t Obama do this years ago? He apparently felt that the paper he had submitted was adequate but when the American Public said they wanted the original why didn’t he immediately conform. I do believe he was born in Hawaii but why was he so evasive in not providing the document which is being shown today. Isn’t that being quite arrogant? I am 92 and maybe old fashioned but his attitude of practically saying “I’ll do it my way” is too arrogant for me. And accusing Donald Trump of a circus act..I think he has the shoe on the wrong foot


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