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Press Release: What Is AFRICOLOGY?

April 13th, 2010


Africology LLC is multi-media venture, co-founded by Sirak Getachew and Kalab Berhane, with the focus to educate the world on music of African descent. This enterprise seeks to fuse the gap between continents and cultures in an era of entertainment that spans the globe. The word itself, “Africology”, is an inspiring etymology; bringing artists out of Africa’s belly to grace the pages and stages of the entertainment industry. Africology strives to promote a positive image of Africa, as well as the African Diaspora, through social events, concerts and conferences. We are here to act as a conduit amongst African artists and producers, in order that they should be able to collaborate with minimum barriers to success.

This multi-media group is committed to elevating up and coming artists by providing them with the tools essential to achieve creative and social goals. Africology focuses on connecting world music artists through collaborations that are broadcast globally via the web. Sirak Getachew, aka DJ Sirak, hosts the online radio show “Africology Radio”, which is broadcast on both AFRO FM (based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia) and PNC Radio (based in Brooklyn, NY). As a management company, Africology makes itself extra accessible by offering recording space, radio campaigns, technical support and graphic design functions to our clients, in addition to the normal services of a media organization (public relations, marketing and special events). Amazingly, the company manages to provide all this at a rate that is feasible for the fledgling independent artist.

In addition to the artist services offered within Africology, we continue to connect and expand our community through fashion, events promoting and social activism. The Africology clothing line, in collaboration with Color Heritage Apparel Ò, is currently in development. Winston Jack, the Trinidadian founder of Color Heritage, is working alongside Africology to create a line that illuminates our culture: Apparel that is a streamlined fusion of African inspired culture and lifestyle, blended with the Urban and POP culture of the west. And where would fashion be without a place to show it off? Africology has been one of the leading event coordinators, introducing Afro fused events, in New York City. The monthly “Afrique Sessions” gives urban culture-istas and fashion-istas alike a place to show up and shake it out. This unique event stands out for its uncommon cultural collaborations…think “Love from Moscow” meets the heat of Soukous and South African house. And of course, there’s a dose reggae and rap for the hip-hop die-hards. Our events have sparked the dance floors of New York from cultural meccas like S.O.B’s to the more mainstream Webster Hall and Crash Mansion.

Throughout all of these endeavors, Africology continues to remain humble in our belief that it is our business to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. As a socially responsible company, we are privileged to work with international organizations and non-profits (INGOs) such as Vital SEEDS Inc., BINA and Harlem United. These organizations continue to better the lives of Africans and people of African descent. Additionally, we collaborate with the organizers of the African Day Parade in Harlem. Building the foundations of social activism is as intrinsic to our mission as creating artistic and fiscal advantages for our clientele. We are proud to work with the various organizations listed above and continue to seek unique opportunities to form partnerships where Africology can continue to give back in any way shape or form.

Africology recognizes that every client and every opportunity is unique. Every relationship is special and deserves attention that is customized for the circumstances and/or requirements of that situation. Our resources and contacts are vast and we take pride in utilizing them to serve our community, on-location and on the web from Africa, to South America and in New York. The buzz has been broadcast over airwaves, on stages and across pages. “Africology” as an etymology has staked its claim to fame: this company is building the foundation of a platform that will help Africa to stand up taller and better explain to the world the understanding, the “–logy “, within Africology. : Africology

For interviews or information contact:
Sirak Getachew
Africology LLC

Africology is an entertainment venture, founded by Sirak Getachew and Kalab Berhane,that focuses on educating the world on music of African descent. The etymology of the Africology: Afric implying African and logy implying a branch of learning captures the intent of the founders concept to the tee.

Afro Fm is the first all English radio station based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia,
With a reach of over 3 Million worldwide, Africology is a proud partner of Afro Fm. Within the partnership Africology
serves as the representative for most Activities in North America such as Advertising and Marketing, Editing and Content Creation.

We recently launched, within that a community of music lovers to log on and enjoy past radio shows and interviews.

From Brooklyn to Africa and Worldwide!!

Color Heritage Premium Reggae Wear specializes in Reggae Apparel, Ethiopian Wear,Rasta Wear,Roots Wear and Culture Wear developed with creativity and knowledge of its culture translated into fashion. We believe the fashion industry needs a unique and original brand that represents Roots, Reggae, Ethiopia and the Rastafarian culture which educates the consumer with appealing cutting edge designs. Color Heritage Premium Reggae Wear represents Culture, Fashion, Heritage, Philosophy, & Music. Know your Heritage , Wear your Heritage, Rep your Heritage.



Founded by Sirak Getachew and Kalab Berhane, “Africology” is a Brooklyn, NYC based entertainment venture who’s main focus is educating the world about African descent, inspired music. The main mission behind “Africology” is to “create a multimedia enterprise that elevates African musicians and it’s artistry into the limelight with the understanding that they are merely a conduit; transporting inspiration from Africa’s belly to the world.”
“Africology” is a podium for an array string of DJs and artists such as Ethiopian beauty Sheba Sahlemariam, NYC most loved band – ”Meta and the Cornestones, Haitian native – Tiga Jean – Baptiste, Gibril Da African, New York native – Kilem, Suntoucha, Chosan, Zaki Ibrahim, A-Alikes, Victoria Bekele, Bamboo, Servantz Of The Earth and Okai. Adding to list is DJ Moma, DJ Eddie Ed and DJ Sirak himself…….

Winston Jack has created a unique clothing collection for people with a cultural lifestyle. The urban wear is inspired by an Ethiopic lifestyle brand that takes its influence from the roots of Ethiopianism, the Caribbean, Africa, Reggae and world music. Colour Heritage Apparel, according to the designer, is “world apparel, for people of all nations”.

Trinidad born Jack resides in the United States and was the senior designer for Rapper, Jay-Z and Mogul Dame Dash’s successful Rocawear apparel for seven years, as well as many other top brands, before launching Colour Heritage Apparel.

According to Jack, Colour Heritage Apparel is premium apparel which represents creativity, cultural richness and style.

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