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Wednesday October 27th 2021

Kolby’s Kickers Building Soccer Fields in Ethiopia

From, AddisTunes: I’ve met tons of great people on Twitter.  One real cool dude @nathanredd recently told me about this exciting new organization he’s involved in – Kolby’s Kickers Foundation.  According to their site, “Kolby’s Kickers Foundation is a non-profit organization which offers free soccer clinics to developmentally disabled and disadvantaged children through our “Fields Of Hope” initiative.”

We’re always down to support a good cause, and this one seems destined for big things.  It’s founded by Kolby Lacrone – a professional soccer player with the Cleveland City Stars.  During his rookie season, Kolby was active in living the Stars mission of “serving the city and changing the world.” While completing his tenure in Cleveland, Kolby joined other teammates in hosting clinics for organizations serving underprivileged children.

His experience in Cleveland opened his eyes to the impact he can have on children’s lives through soccer. The free camps and clinics allow Kolby to expose kids to soccer, a sport they may have never had the opportunity to play. After this revelation, Kolby decided to establish Kolby’s Kickers Foundation…Read more at ADDIS TUNES

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