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Wednesday October 27th 2021

5 Ways to Keep the Fire Burning in Your Marriage

This Valentine’s Day spend time reflecting on where your marriage is and where you want it to be. If discovering that in time your marriage has lost the spark it once had, there is no need to be alarmed. After a certain point partners lose the zest they had for one another. Fortunately there is something you can do about it. The techniques below are specifically designed to help you get the romance back into your love life and keep the fire burning.


Need we say more? Communication really is key. It is the groundwork of every relationship and yours is no exception. You should visualize communication as being the cement used to build your house. If the cement is weak your house will fall apart. So communicate religiously and discuss your feelings openly with one another. The more you communicate, the stronger the cement will be.

Don’t Forget the Physical

Being less or no longer intimate is an obvious sign of peril in a marriage. Be willing to have an open mind and discuss your sex life openly. Listen to each other and come up with solutions together.

Have Some Alone Time

Schedule at least an hour during the week when you are sure to have no interruptions and spend that time with each other. Make sure to turn cell phones off and if you have a house phone let the machine answer it. Use this time to curl up next to each other with a book or to take a sensual bath. Whatever you decide make sure it involves just the both of you.

Try New Things

Marriage life doesn’t have to be boring and routine from sun up to sun down. It can also be fun and even more exciting than your single life! Try new and different things like dressing out of character and meeting each other at a bar in the other side of town. Then on the way back home “stumble” upon a hotel and spend the night there.

Show Your Appreciation

Take turns cooking dinner, give compliments and don’t wait until Valentine’s Day or on birthdays to give flowers. Keep your marriage happy by showing your appreciation for your spouse 365 days of the year by doing these little things.

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