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Saturday October 16th 2021

First Date Dos and Don’ts that ALL Men Should Live By

Whether you are back on the dating scene after a long hiatus or out of a brief relationship that lasted shorter than half-time during a Giants game, the dating scene could be a tough avenue for any newly single man.  Everyone knows there are some rules to the game and the first date is no exception, it can make or break you.  Whether you know it or not, most women use the first date as the decider of where things will go in the relationship.  If you consider yourself as the type of man that doesn’t prefer to have his date exiting out of the bathroom window, then follow these dos and don’ts.


Be late.  Women often stick to the 15 minute rule, so get going!

Be shy.  Nervousness will result in your date assuming you are not a confident man and that’s a turn-off!

Pay more attention to communication devices.  This means talking on your cell phone, texting on your 2-Way or any hand-held devices you may have.  They are all major first date annoyances so put them on vibrate, silent or turn them off!

Bring up past relationships.  Talking about your ex and comparing your date to your ex is not appropriate at the least.  This will send a red flashing light which translates to…man not ready to begin something new.

Drink excessively.  What a way to show her what a great catch you are by getting drunk and sharing your embarrassing moments with her…just don’t go that route.

Appear needy.  Being clingy on the first date is another turn-off so take things slow.

Be impolite.  Interrupting while your date is speaking, changing the topic and talking loudly can be seen as rude.

Offer to go Dutch.  Going Dutch means splitting the bill in half, which is an ultimate turn-off to women on the first date.  Not that most women are “gold-diggers” but if a man cannot pick up the bill (at least on the first date), then he shouldn’t be dating to begin with.

Invite your date over to your place.  Depending on the situation, this is a move that can be seen as creepy.  No matter how great the night is going and how interested she may be, do not invite her home.  Show her that you have some respect.


Call in advance.  Give her a call to confirm the meeting time and place.

Dress neatly.  Nothing screams ‘Oh no he didn’t!’ more than wrinkled clothes and uncombed hair.

Be early.  Get there before she does, be seated at the most romantic table and wait for her.

Be a gentleman.  Open doors and pull her chair, show her that chivalry is not dead.

Give undivided attention.  Listen attentively and give your date the complete attention that she deserves.  Show her that you were listening by summing up what she said and then offering feedback.

Be confident.  This means being comfortable in your own skin and just being yourself.  This will go a long way.

Pick up the bill.  Not all the time, not even most of the time, but at least on the first date.  Trust me this will go in your favor.

End the night shortly.  Even if you are having a blast, make it a short date and leave her wanting more.

Thank her.  After the date has ended, call her and thank her for her company, even if things did not go as planned.  Call her and let her know you are appreciative of time spent with her.

First dates can be a little nerve-wracking but remember the most important thing—to be yourself and have fun!  Besides the worst thing that can happen is she may not be interested and in that case, keep it moving.  There is plenty of fish in the sea!

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