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Wednesday October 20th 2021

How to Tell if She’s Cheating

Relationships today are not what they used to be.  Years ago a woman who cheated on her spouse was unheard of; nowadays more and more women are having affairs and leaving their significant other at home–patiently waiting by the phone.  While men have played the cheating role for centuries, women today are increasingly testing the waters.  When it comes to cheating differences between men and women, men often cheat for physical reasons while women have emotional reasons for cheating.

What makes a woman go astray and seek comfort in the arms of someone else?  While every woman has a different story, those who decide to cheat share one or more of the following reasons.

Top 3 Reasons Why Women Cheat


Oftentimes, women cheat to get even with their spouse or significant other that cheated on them first.  Rather than making the decision to forgive their cheating mate and stay, or walk away from the relationship, some women decide to stay and cheat.


Some women cheat because they feel lonely.  At the time they cheated on their mate, they were not given the attention they needed.  Women who feel lonely have a void they are trying to fill and think an affair is their best solution.


Maintaining a relationship can get boring at times and instead of sticking it out, some women seek thrill in an affair and stray.  For the cheating woman, just covering up her tracks is an excitement in itself and a distraction from the typical relationship routine.

Although trying to catch a cheating woman can prove to be tricky, woman too can get sloppy along the way.  Just pay more attention than you normally would and stay one step ahead.  While doing so keep in mind the following signs as you observe the would-be cheater.

Top 5 Signs of a Cheating Woman

Gets Defensive

A change in the way she acts and responds to you is a telltale sign that she is cheating.  Does she all of a sudden get angry and protective when you ask her the simplest questions?  If so, you may want to start asking some other questions.

Has a Mysterious “Friend”

Since women are expressive, believe it or not, they will tell on themselves without telling on themselves.  At one point or another, the cheating woman will start talking about a new or old friend or even a co-worker but will be very vague.  While she may talk about her “friend”, she will be reluctant on you meeting this mysterious person.

Upgrade in Wardrobe

Is she dishing out more money on her wardrobe and visiting the salon for a new hairstyle every week?  If so, then chances are she is trying hard to impress someone other than you.

Picks Fights

Does she charge at you for no apparent reason and is she constantly nagging you?  She may be looking to fight with you so that she has an excuse to “go for a ride” and cool off.

Difficult to Reach

Is her phone going to voicemail constantly and is she hard to get in touch with?  This is one obvious sign that goes ignored most of the time.  While she may make a case for herself and explain that she did not charge her phone or that there was bad signal, she probably turned her phone off so that she won’t be disturbed while she is out “cooling off.”

No one likes a cheating mate and no one likes to be cheated on.  If you are in a relationship and think your significant other is cheating on you, be proactive and ask questions.  After all you are in the relationship as well.

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