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Wednesday October 20th 2021

Egypt says war is not option for Nile waters

APA-Cairo (Egypt) Egypt has affirmed on Tuesday that it does not consider war as an option in regards to Nile waters and its policy in this regard are based on dialogue, negotiation, cooperation, consultation and international law .

Hossam Zaki the official spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied as baseless, accusations contained in a press statement issued on Tuesday by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi stating that Egypt is exploiting rebel groups against the ruling regime in Ethiopia.

The Spokesman stressed that Egypt still sticks with its legal and political positions in the Nile water issue.

Zaki said that Egypt had pursued a policy of dialogue, persuasion and understanding with Ethiopia over the past years in order to reach a consensus to achieve the collective benefit from Nile.

Ethiopia built five huge dams on the Nile in the last decade.

Egypt is entitled to the lion’s share of the Nile’s total flow of around 84 billion cubic meters i.e. 55.5 billion cubic meters of water per annum though 85 percent of the water comes from Ethiopia.

In May, Nile Basin countries Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya signed a new deal to share Nile waters.

Sudan and Egypt rejected the deal while Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi have so far refused to sign.

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10 Responses to “Egypt says war is not option for Nile waters”

  1. Ali says:

    The Nile water belongs to Africans, who are the sources of the river. Egypt it is not entitled at all. Africans are not entitled for free Egypt’s oil and Gas. The same logic Egypt is not entitled Nile water for free, it is African resources.

  2. Ali says:

    Africans pay for Egypt oil and Gas even if we are poor. Egypt should start pay Nile water fee to African. This river belongs to Africans. It is not a matter of hurting Egypt. It is a matter of benefiting our resources. Nile river is African resource not Egypt’s.

  3. motuma says:

    Egypt should sign NBI
    Ali is right,it is not hurting Egypt.If Egyptian believe in deplomatic dialogue they should sign nile basin initiative.

  4. Ahmad says:

    Good Evening Mr. Ali, Natural resources are to be shared among the world. Every single human being has the right to access resources when needed. Governments’ roles should be the management of those resources based on mutual benefits. If we started to think in your logic. Read history ….. violence. If we are smart we can avoid it, if not … hopefully we do. One last remark .. you can’t compare oil to water. We can survive without oil but we can’t without water … Huge Difference? The issue is serious. No slogans and materialistic thoughts are valid in such situations.

  5. MasriPhar3ouni says:

    Egypt is the gift of the Nile
    – Herodotus

    I think the Nile belongs to us.

  6. Abebe says:

    Ahmad going after your logic, what do you say to the millions that have died in Ethiopia because of drought in the past and those even who continue to die of it to this day. Do they not have a right to utilize the resources of the Nile?

    Actually I agree with Ali. I know you would like to believe we can’t live with out oil, but actually as we stand here and speak right now, we you are wrong. You said we need water and food. Let me ask you the food and water you purchased how did it get into the supermarket before you purchased it? Call me crazy but I think oil had something to do with it.

    Anyway to the larger picture. if you could just answer one question. Does Ethiopia have a right to utilize the Nile equally? I belive % of the out put should be allocated based on how much of the Nile flows in one nation. Just think about it Ethiopia is the source of 80+% of the Nile. Deep right?

  7. Soud says:

    I believe,historically the Nile belonged to Egypt,because almost all ancient egyptian civilization based on the Nile.We Ethiopians were unable to make use of it as our situation is on the upper course though most of the waters originate from us,i know a border crossing river is an internatinal river so as the nile basin country we have to make sure of as a beneficiary of our shareof the resource.I think the time has come we are able to use it any country must acknowledge it

  8. Zufan says:

    Egyptian diplomatic approach seems good. First of all stop out dated joke which was (18 or 19 century funny) and to benefit from the resources sign the mutual agreement.

  9. foolishKid says:

    Egypt might drag it out for a while, but Africans are rising. @one point Egypt has to sit down(without looking down) with the Africans and sign a workable deal. @this point egypt has a pretty good chance of making a good deal for itself. However, if it waits too long, it might make itself irrelevant and accept whatever is offered. Sign now.
    If Egypt is the gift of the nile, nile is the gift of Ethiopia!

  10. Addis says:

    Hey people who ever said or thinking “nile is a gift of Egypt” it is wrong; if it was gifted to them it should start from there at the first place.

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