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Saturday October 16th 2021

Guzo, a smash hit in New York City!

The critically acclaimed and winner of the 3rd annual Addis Film festival Guzo screened at Helen Mills Theater in New York city Saturday August 8th taking theatergoers for one emotional rollercoaster ride. Organized by Abshiro Kids & it was a very successful screening.

Guzo tells a story of two young adults (Lidya and Robera) who are taken from their city life of Addis Ababa to live in the country side of Ethiopia. Both are firm believers that they are able to handle this shift. For twenty days we witness their ordeal of tackling farm life duties while formulating a bond with the families they stayed with.

Stereotypes are broken, and friendships are formed in this 98 minute documentary that uses no scripts-a fact that Robera struggles with to explain to his friends.

The quality of the film is also superb, shot in HD using 35 mm lens, it is truly a project that shows progress in Ethiopian film making. The
documentary captures the natural beauty of Ethiopia’s landscape along with the difference in lifestyles of city and farm life.

When the screening was over, the crowd of theatergoers flooded outside of Helen Mills Theater and gathered onto New York City sidewalks. Some left out laughing, others left teary-eyed as they gathered and discussed the film that took them on one emotional rollercoaster ride.

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