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Saturday October 16th 2021

From Ethiopia, Haile & Manager Slam New York Times

When Haile Gebrselassie announced his retirement, after pulling out of the 41st ING Marathon, it grabbed headlines.

The Marathon world-record holder’s decision would be short-lived and a week later when Haile announced his return, it captured headlines once again.

Haile had cited the injury he suffered just weeks prior to the competition as the catalyst for his emotional premature decision.  However, in a recent interview with New York Times, Haile’s manager Jos Hermens offered stunning details.

This past Monday, Jeré Longman of the New York Times reported on Haile’s contemplation to return back to the field that has made him a living legend.

The Times spoke to Haile’s Manager Hermens who offered new details about Haile’s injury citing ‘more of a muscular problem than a knee problem.’

Hermens also suggested to the Times Haile’s decision to retire might also have had to do with political pressure Haile was facing in Ethiopia, including blackmail and phone tapping.

As this news started to get some traction, Haile and his manager went on TV to forcefully dismiss the New York Times report.

Haile mentioned his disappointment at how low the Times was going to move ‘their agenda.’   Hermens totally refuted the report saying he did not mention anything that had to do with phone tapping and political pressure.

Haile’s retirement and return to run until the 2012 London Olympics along with the new developments will probably continue to capture headlines. Allegations that The New York Times story was based on lies is one that probably will not go unanswered.

Watch The Interview with Haile & Jos Hermens

Haile’s Emotional Announcement

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “From Ethiopia, Haile & Manager Slam New York Times”

  1. YeHagosWesha says:

    Haile Gebereselase by supporting TPLF thought he would eat and capitalize forever; now his ass is on fire by the same ethno-centric, racist and dictator Agames he stood along and supported for year. Now his last resort is to speak out against the same regime that allowed him to buy hundreds of acres of lands for fraction of the amount and import foreign product tax free. Isn’t Ironic that those who choose to support TPLF in a bid to gain and secure their personal Interest is temporary and short lived!

    This incident should go as an ultimate lesson to those who want or wish to support the Ethno-Centric Tigrayan Governemt-TPLF that the promiseland of TPLF ends at disaster , chaos and Distruction !!!!

  2. Mehret says:

    Nobody knows nothing about nothing what this man is going through right now. Only his feelings leads him to make the decisions he is supposed to make. The rumor that is going on is based on a false accusation. Let us love and respet the hero that brought us to gain almost everything that our country has never had…. I personally commented the above.

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