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Wednesday October 27th 2021

Lalibela-Wonders and Mystery Screens in New York City

The flier read, “Amazing! Astounding! Highly Educational,” (describing the documentary film Lalibela-Wonders and Mystery by Addis Film Production) and it delivered!  The flier also pointed out the location and show times of the screening which took place Sunday October 28, 2007 in New York City.  It also pointed out-with an exclamation point added-to be on time!  I wonder if the organizers looked at that part.

The first screening of the documentary did not start until about 5:20 pm, over three hours later than the time scheduled.  Unfortunately, this is not something new but rather a trend in our culture.  The tardiness of our people is something that we should work towards changing in the new millennium.  Nevertheless, Lalibela-Wonders and Mystery was an excellent film that scratches the surface of this amazing architectural wonder which is truly a treasure to human history.

Lalibela-Wonders and Mystery is a very well produced film, with an excellent translation that makes it appealing to a broader audience.  The documentary gives a short history of the city of Lalibela, grouping and describing all the churches by the area in which they exist.  The film also points out the arguments made by historians and researchers whether or not these churches were built by foreigners or Ethiopians.  However, some of the questions raised in this film are daunting and are ones that need to be explored more.  Did people stop thinking freely?  How come the presiding generation did not continue to build and produce great treasures such as Lalibela?  We are left to wonder.

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