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Wednesday October 27th 2021

Ethiopia: The population challenge up close and personal

By Lisa Hymas, You don’t need to go to a place like Ethiopia to get a firsthand look at population growth — we can see its impacts all around us, from sprawling suburban subdivisions to crowded highways and mega-malls. But poor, developing countries like Ethiopia have their own kinds of population challenges, a big one being that many women still lack any access to family-planning tools and information. I recently had the opportunity to see some of these challenges with my own eyes — and to see some impressive progress being made to tackle them.

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa, with almost 90 million citizens, and it has one of the highest fertility rates in the world — 5.4 births per woman. But the country also has a pioneering new program that’s lowering its birthrate even as it works to improve the health of all of the country’s citizens…. Read The Full Article @

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