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Saturday October 16th 2021

Sound Off: My Disgust at Brandy’s Elimination from ‘Dancing With the Stars’

With tears in her eyes, Brandy said, “I don’t know how to feel right now.”

That was the singer’s response when asked by host Brooke Burke how she felt about her elimination.

However, I, like black girls and women everywhere, know how I feel.  And no, I am not snapping my fingers and batting my eye.

I am disgusted, shell-shocked, and outraged.

By signing on with ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Brandy inevitably took on a role much bigger than herself.  She stood as a symbol that black women can be all that we set out to be with hard work and determination.

Since the beginning of this season’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’, Brandy’s determination was in full-force.

On Monday’s show, Brandy earned a perfect score for her Argentine tango becoming the second-highest scorer.  The judges were all amazed.  Judge Len Goodman said that Brandy gave 100 percent.  She scored 57 out of 60 points.

But on Tuesday, Brandy was eliminated just before next week’s finale, leaving everyone- including the judges- flabbergasted.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, avoided elimination and it’s no wonder as to why.

Deemed ‘Bristol the Pistol’ by judges, Palin has been in the bottom consistently but remains on the show.  Although judges have said she has come far, she still has a ways to go and can’t hold a candle to Brandy’s top-notch performances.

After the shocking results, Judge Bruno Tonioli stood up and begged people to vote more often.

Perhaps this is another lesson to learn for us but I am tired of the costs we have to pay.  There is no doubt that if more of us voted, Brandy would not have been eliminated.

With Palin joining actress Jennifer Grey and Disney star Kyle Massey in next week’s finale, if I am certain of one thing, it’s this: if Palin wins I will never, ever, watch ‘Dancing With the Stars’ again, ever!

Brandy may have been eliminated from the show but she will forever be our shining star.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ finale airs Monday, November 22nd at 8 p.m. ET on ABC with results to be revealed on Tuesday, November 23rd at 9 p.m. ET.

Reader Feedback

13 Responses to “Sound Off: My Disgust at Brandy’s Elimination from ‘Dancing With the Stars’”

  1. Dr Say So says:

    Can you say her mama’s tea party strikes again. She has no rythm, she is stiff as a board and she misses her assignments and steps. The judging ought to be tiered with the panal judges being able to have the final say or authority to over-rule based on skill

  2. Eileen Latham says:

    Dancing With the Stars has completely lost its legitimacy as a dance contest. The people voting for Bristol Palin, the worst dancer on the show, are the Tea Party followers of her mother Sarah Palin and are not even watching the show. They simply know the phone number for voting for Bristol Palin and call it at the end of the show when there is a recap of the numbers
    and Bristol Palin is getting the majority of the votes. It has nothing to do with her dancing. What a sham this show is. Palin could conceivably get more votes next week than Jennifer Grey and win the trophy. And that would be a shame, since Jennifer Grey is the best dancer this show has ever had. This show had better change its format if its goal is to be a dance contest and not a political arena. Judging should be done by the judges only and other dancers, not the public.

  3. Brandy Was The Best says:

    I’m so upset ‘Jealousy Is A B*tch” another African American Woman cheated all because of Envy & Jealous.

    Brandy should have won just like Toni Braxton, Scary Spice, Lil Kim and Mya.

    The Black woman has the Dominant Gene, Exotic Skin tones, Exotic Features, Exotic Hair Textures,Huge Butts, Full Lips, Huge Breast, and Curves and Black Women can have kids of every skin tone. God blessed the black Woman with everything.

    And everyone is Jealous.

  4. ChaChi says:

    OMG what a total disgrace Dancing with the stars has turned out to be. As for Maks and Carrie Ann having words he was sticking up for Brandy and Carrie Ann can certainly be abrasive. As for Bristol, everyone is in agreement that her mother is getting people to call and it is such a shame to see a good contestant leave and we are left with someone who is not graceful, immature and cannot dance. And her partner should be eliminated for his appearance alone, give me a break. I think it should be the judges judging and perhaps other professional dances doing the deciding. As from past political voting we see what can happen and it happened on Dancing with the stars, really really a shame that Bristol is still there, she makes me ill just looking at her now. She should be ashamed of herself.

  5. Susan says:

    Last night was shameful! Sarah Palin followers represents egotistical selfish need to bypass qualifications and talent in any legitimate area. If Bristol and Sarah think they can gloat over the last few weeks of Bristol’s success, they truly have no shame. And their followers …shame on them, there comes a time when self interest has to bow to the greater good. Bristol needs to recognize her mother’s followers are making a fool of Bristol and themselves by their own lack of competency for giving America the best and most qualified. Awful!

  6. Robert Scollick says:

    I have to wonder about “more people should vote”. Anyone like Sarah Palin can “buy” votes. Give the judging to the judges. However, this season especially, the judges have been very critical and harsh to the better dancers which could help swing the vote. I wonder just who is getting bought.

  7. Iris M. Gross says:

    I don’t know what “costs” the writer thinks need paid for voting for this show. Registration at is FREE, voting is FREE, you get 5 FREE online votes to use as you wish and one FREE landline vote. The only time you pay to vote is if you have an AT&T cell phone you can vote by text several times (all text messages cost money). Bottom line is there were numerous FREE opportunities, it was mere laziness that those who didn’t vote didn’t. Brandy is gone because of it.

  8. What???? says:

    I thought this was a dance competition!Not a political arena.Honestly, poor Bristol is just another paun in her mother’s political ambitions.Ofcourse, Sarah will claim the media is just being hard on her)which is exactly what she loves,because it keeps her in the limelight)Bristol is a terrible dancer,and has the on screen personality of a hunk of liver.Brandy really got the shaft!She was exquisite. And worked harder than anybody to get her dances right.You so deserved to be in the finals!My heart goes out to you.I won’t be tuning in next season.The show has become a sham.

  9. tenni says:


  10. Edward Osler says:

    This is the latest in America getting it wrong. First, we had American Idol when the winner was Mediocrity. Then, we had America’s Got Talent. They should have had one obvious winner – THE 12 YEAR OLD OPERA SINGER – or Prince Poppyc–k. What do they do, they pick MEDIOCRITY. Last night, Brandy goes home and Bristol Palin stays. This is DANCING with the Stars — not a popularity contest. If its the latter, then change the title. If its a dance competition, then change the scoring. Let America vote on who is to go home — not stay. Who should win? Jennifer Grey should win. Even Kyle Massey could win. But if Bristol Palin wins, the loser will be America and another great show will be gone forever.

  11. Louise McFarland says:

    I TOO AM DISGUSTED! I’m shocked that Brandy got voted off. Bristol is awful, I cannot believe she oulasted Audrina, Rick, and Kurt. Even Florence Henderson is a better dancer than Palin. This show is rigged, momma grizzly must be stuffing the ballot box, she should not have been there these last six weeks and viewers should start boycotting the show.
    It would?ve been a real competition to see Kyle, Brandy and Jennifer compete. And excedingly more enjoyable. Come on PEOPLE fair is fair. But this is getting rediculous. Bristol needs to go.

  12. yolanda says:

    I would just like to say that the Judges are also boggish because as the weeks went on it was like we all were watching a different show they would come out and say all these magnificent things about bristols performance especially Karre and i never saw what she saw but i guest that is politics (oops) we talking about dancing not politics the palin famnily are snakes all of them i will be glad when sarah air there show on her alaska show about animals they are the snake family watch them. I would just like for you guys at dancing with the stars know i truly believe this time you have done it that was so so so so so so so unfair. But to keep it real and not be the the palin family a lieing cheating snake i will tell the truth bristol last performance was maybe a 22 she did her best there which was not bad but it was also not a winner she cant even move her legs she really to me looked so crazy and then you all would judge her like she did good so that is why i say the judges played a part in the unfair judging.

  13. Pebbles says:

    I am in shock, I love this show I have watched it from day one and never missed one episode.
    Palin should have been gone weeks ago, She is truly the worst dancer this season.
    Sad when our already corupt goverment and its officals bleeds over into a wonderful show!
    The right thing and the thing I would have done if Palin as I would have stepped down immediately !!!

    I dont have a clue how she can lay her head down at night and feel proud of her acomplishments. She hasnt earrned this win.
    THE JUDGES and ONLY the JUDGES should vote, they have the experience and we has the public would trust that.
    If she wins like many other millions of people I am ALL DONE with THIS SHOW

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