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Saturday October 16th 2021

7 Successful Steps for Job-Hunting

Ahhh…New York City!  Full of bustling yellow cabs and people thrusting each other during the morning rush with no apologetic excuse me’s.  Even New York can be intimidating for the job seeker without the proper tools to get hired, that is until now.  OK.  So we know what you’re thinking, you’ve read (or skimmed) plenty of job-hunting articles before, so what makes this one different?  We have one word for you—tried!  We’ve tried these job-hunting steps and they have all worked!  Follow these steps and you will land that job you are looking for and finally have somewhere to go in the morning rather than standing in midtown and observing the flock of crowds go past on their way to work.

Have a Career Objective

Find out what it is you want to do.  If it’s anything that Ethiopian New Yorkers know, it’s that there is no dream too big, no job that you cannot have, once you focus and put your mind to it.  So don’t be bashful on this part.  Some questions you should ask yourself are what do I like to do?  What am I most interested in?  If you are clueless on this part, there is no need to panic.  You can search careers online, visit your library and if you are enrolled in college or a recent graduate, the career development office will be glad to assist.  Once you know what it is you want to do, aim at getting hired for that position.

Have a Professional Resume & Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter is the bread and butter of your job search.  Whether you are posting it online or replying for a job advertisement in the paper, the first thing a potential employer will look at is your resume.  The simpler your resume is, the better, but make sure that your resume also stands out.  Proofread your resume and have someone else also proofread it for you.  Try to have a resume that is only one page, if that’s impossible, then no more than two pages.  Your cover letter (one page) offers employers more insight into your past employment, but you should also write a little about who you are, what inspires you and connect it with the position you are pursuing.  You should also have someone else proofread your cover letter.  Always change your cover letter to reflect on the company you are sending it to.  You can find free professional resume and cover letter templates based on your career objective at

Make the Internet Work for You

We are living in the technology age and companies are turning to the Internet seeking employees more and more.  There are tons of places on the Internet where you can post your resume online for free.  Research them and post your resume and cover letter.  Places like and will get you results.  Now post your resume on more places on the web and you will increase your chances of getting hired.  Visit and get the ball rolling on who is hiring by typing the job title, keywords or company name and city, state or zip code.

Compile a List & Be Proactive

Compile a list of at least 10 companies that offer the position you are interested in and are located within the area of where you live.  If you are interested in working in the field of media, for example, you would put a list together of 10 media companies that are easy to commute to.  Find addresses for Human Resources, contact names and numbers for those companies online.  Record that information on your list and start mailing your cover letter and resume to those companies.

Brush Up on Your Interviewing Skills

It is best to be yourself at an interview, but you should also prepare yourself for any questions you may be asked.  Research the company before your interview and have a couple of questions in mind that you want to ask the interviewer.  It is important that you don’t memorize the questions, because it may sound rehearsed.  For typical questions that employers ask visit

On the Day of the Interview You Should

When you get that call for an interview (or if you are attending a job fair), remember to dress for success.  Dark colored suits are appropriate with dress shoes, hair and nails should be neat.  For females, if you are wearing a skirt, it should not be above your knees.  You should always arrive 15 minutes early for an interview but if you are going to be late, call in advance and let the company know.  Bring extra copies of your resume. When the interviewer greets you, stand up, shake hands firmly and do not sit until you are asked to.  Your cell-phone should be turned off during the interview.  After the interview has ended, thank the interviewer for his or her time and send an e-mail (optional) thanking that person again.

Make Follow-Up Calls

After two weeks has passed since your interview, from the time when you replied to the advertisement (paper or/and online) and since you mailed those 10 companies on your list, start making follow-up calls.  Tell the ones that have not responded that you are still interested in the position.

Finding a job can be a tremendous task, especially finding one you enjoy, but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Remember that in the big city, the possibilities are endless, depending on how you look at the situation.  Whether you are a recent college graduate or if college was not your strong point, all you need is determination and ambition and you will go so very far.

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