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Saturday October 16th 2021

‘I Have a Responsibility’ to Ethiopia, Affirms Haile Gebrselassie

From, Runners World: The marathon world recordholder (2:03:59), who’ll do his first ING New York City Marathon on November 7, notes that after 27 world records and all the riches those have brought him, “I can lead a nice life anywhere around the world.” But he  considers it essential to provide an example to other athletes by remaining in Ethiopia and help lead the nation out of “hunger, drought, poverty …. We are on the right track, but he cannot eradicate poverty this morning,” Gebrselassie stresses. In the Flotrack video at “More,” he can be glimpsed at some of his vast construction projects, and you again get to see one of his excruciatingly close Olympic victories over Paul Tergat. Gebrselassie, who makes clear he could easily get by on “only my running,” asks “why am I killing myself to come here to the office?” Well … because you love Ethiopia? And you might even be president someday?

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