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Wednesday October 27th 2021

Ethiopia: We Want Justice!


Last night, those of us who were at the vigil at the corner of 9th and Ust witnessed a heart-wrenching moment. The father of the slain, Ali Mohammed, and his family spoke about him and how they were disturbed at how the case has been handled by the District of Columbia justice system. We should not be surprised. This is the American justice system at work. The African-American community has been a victim of this system for decades and now we see it unfold before our eyes.

Five men, brutally, savagely,beat, stomped and kicked a young black, African, Ethiopian man to death. What is our life worth in the District of Columbia ? A broken window at a night club.

We are not condoning the act that led to the property damage. But these men took the law under their hands and their feet. The police chief told the truth and that is proof enough. The blood stains are proof enough.

The night club has many supporters who came out to protest and show their support at the hearing this past weekend. They continue to paint the picture that the owners and the bouncers were innocent, “good” people who did nothing wrong. Even the City Paper laments the future of the nightclub instead of sympathizing with the family and the community.

Well, the blood stains speak for themselves. The death speaks for itself. This is why we have the law. So that when situations like this happens, justice is served for the victim. In this case, the victim is a man who is dead, not a broken window at a night club…. Read More

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