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Wednesday October 20th 2021

US signs over $220mn development cooperation agreement with Ethiopia

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) The United States government on Thursday signed a $ 229.3 million agreement with Ethiopia, aimed at expanding cooperation on development programs in education, health, and economic growth, including agriculture and trade.

The amount, due to be channelled through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), results from close consultation between the governments of Ethiopia and the United States on priorities for the improvement and expansion of health and education services, the advancement of rural development and opportunities to generate income and create private enterprises.

The agreement was signed in Addis Ababa between USAID and the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

According to the agreement, $23 million will be provided to improve the quality of primary education, with emphasis on increasing girls’ access to education and teacher training.

An additional $157 million will support life-saving maternal, child and reproductive healthcare, as well as combat HIV/AIDS, control malaria, and improve water and sanitation.

In the economic growth sector, $49.3 million will support agricultural productivity and marketing, expansion of trade and private enterprises, protection of natural resources and adaptation to climate change.

USAID Ethiopia is supporting over 100 projects throughout the country.

In addition to these bilateral agreements, the US government also is providing Ethiopia an additional $582.4 million for food assistance, the Productive Safety Net Program, and special initiatives to promote public health, education, food security, conflict resolution and governance, bringing USAID funding to Ethiopia to $812 million in 2010.

It was reported that the total US government assistance to Ethiopia in 2010 has increased to $983 million.

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4 Responses to “US signs over $220mn development cooperation agreement with Ethiopia”

  1. Bekel says:

    Wuy – what about the crying of day and night of those diaspora oppositions in front of White house?

  2. Tazabi says:

    If only I could see the opposing sides express their views in the streets of Ethiopia without disrupting peace and prompoting violence, I would utterly say the system has passed the test and the balance is set. The blame goes to those who lack tolerance and those who won’t shake hands with their counterparts whose only difference in terms of a civilized assessment is their approaches for transformng the same country into the 21st century. Global assistance will help accelerate this dream.

  3. Yohannes A says:


  4. Ababilawa says:

    What makes me really sad is we have citizens who oppose development assistance to be given to their country(well at least origin of their gene). I understand the fear of corruption in the process of spending. I also perfectly understand that every citizen is entitled to his or her political opinion. But I fail to understand what opposing a government should go as far as loosing the dignity and sovereignty of a own country. Do not tell me it is education, Professors in diaspora are the worst in this line. May be they are only thinking to fill their bottomless stomach.

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