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Saturday October 16th 2021

Abonesh & Meskerem…Oh, What A Night!

While most of New York was celebrating Halloween dressed up as either fictional or non-fictional characters, the majority of audience goers went as themselves to see Abonesh Adenew and Meskerem Bekele perform.

On Saturday, November 1st, Abonesh and Meskerem performed live at the Paramount Hotel in New York.

Meskerem inciting laughs and controversy.

As soon as Abonesh opened the show, a little after midnight, spectators flocked and got as close to the stage as they could.  It was shoulder to shoulder as they squeezed one another with cell phones lifted in the air in order to get a picture of the entertainer known as the “Queen of Eskesta.”  Whenever Abonesh comes to New York, it is bound to be memorable and there is no doubt those who attended will be talking about her November performance for years to come.  Abonesh, dressed in complete cultural attire, gave a warm and lively performance from the time she entered the stage to her last piece.   Abonesh’s new CD is titled “Zarem Endamna.”

Meskerem, known as the “King of Ethiopian Comedy,” kept the energy of the crowd going with his punchy lines and his outlook on Ethiopian

women, among other things.   During his performance, laughter was erupting from both the young and old.  Meskerem’s ability to touch a wide age group gives him an edge over other comedians.  Meskerem’s new DVD is appropriately titled “Made in America.”

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