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Wednesday October 27th 2021

“Stop Importing Labor From Nigeria and Ethiopia”

From Former Senator Al D’Amato (R-NY) let loose with a string of profanities as he blasted a fellow Fox Business Network guest for his comments about Africans (h/t J$P).

The blowup came during a discussion on Thursday’s edition of “Money Rocks”about whether or not to privatize the US Postal Service. Though all of the guests appeared to agree about the issue at hand, several took offense at the comments of GOP strategist Jack Burkman.

Burkman launched the discussion by saying, “most of these guys working in the Post Office should be driving cabs, and I think we should stop importing labor from Nigeria and Ethiopia. That’s the skill level.”

When it was his turn to speak, D’Amato started by criticizing Burkman, saying, “Jack would’ve done well without all the name calling.”

Tamara Holder, an attorney who was also on the show, chimed in, saying, “Making all these somewhat racist statements about Nigeria is a spinning of sorts…this has to do with government waste.”

Burkman then tried to defend himself: “Most people employed by the United States Post Office…are thoroughly unskilled labor,” he said.

This proved to be the last straw for D’Amato, who cut in and unloaded:

“You are a nasty racist..that’s a bunch of bullshit and you should be ashamed of yourself and have your mouth washed out.”

When Burkman tried to cut in, D’Amato shot him down: “Wait a minute…shut up. I listened to your racist bullshit.”


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18 Responses to ““Stop Importing Labor From Nigeria and Ethiopia””

  1. derek says:

    After 50 Years,Jack Burkman is still a fool.You think you are any better than the average Nigeria,Sorry i bet you try.Idiot

  2. Samuel Neal says:

    Disappointing that people make this kind of statements forgetting that we have Americans living and working in Nigeria and Ethopia. Perhaps Burkman forgets how dependent we are on Nigeria for crude oil. And to be fair to Nigerians, most of them here in the US are professionals.

  3. o.k. Jazz says:

    Hi Jack,
    You sounded more there like a jackass, not like a Jack. Why do you do this to your already dissipating reputation. You sit there and run your frothy mouth. Have you considered the kind advice of the Senator…. to flush out your mouth? Will you be honest enough to tell us were in Europe your parents brought you from? What makes a megalomaniac think he is a “better” American than another that came from Nigeria, or from Ethiopia? You need to grow up.

  4. Ethiopian in Chicago says:

    Very sad to hear Burkman’s racist comment. Burkman does not know how many Ethiopian and Nigerian Scientists are in the US and contributing the US as any other proud Americans. Buckma go to Harvard and other prestigious universities and see if you cannot find famous African Professors, go to any hospital you will find African neurosurgeons, cardiologist, etc. Your racist comment is not because you are racist, but only because you are not as educated as most African immigrants in the US. You do not know how many of the cab drivers are engineers and PhD holders. Burkman you have very bad mouth. You need to go back to an adult education class to learn the basic staff. Shame on you. You have no the slightest leadership qualities.

  5. Ezeakolam, C.J says:

    Hi Jackass Jack,

    An empty barrel makes an empty noise. If you are smart enough, you would have asked census and economic bureau some question before you open you dirt mouth.

  6. A Nigerian says:

    Burkman, please provide your proof that the US Govt go to Nigeria or Ethiopia to import labour to work in your post office!! If the US post office system is not working, it’s a proof that either the system is out dated or can’t compete in this technology age. So don’t put the blame on Nigerians or Ethiopians working there trying to make a living….you can’t compare a govt run firm (post office) to a private firm…because they both have different policy and business strategies. Burkman, you need to go for retraining, people like you are bad for international relations and public office. You have to apologize publicly to the Nigerian and Ethiopian people for your racial comment and poor choice of words.

  7. Bruce Mahnn says:

    Mindless individuals like Burkman incite the hate for our good country. How can someone in Burkman’s position throw caution to the winds and engage in such verbal catharsis? Burkman closely sounds like either himself or his father has klans affiliations.
    Otherwise, decency demands that he conducts ourselves with some modicum of decorum at all times., even when his dispositions are at variance with those of other person’s. Burkman needs to make a public apology, not only for his racist invectives, but also to every American for being a shameful embarrassment to the values America symbolizes.
    Has he imagined what would happen if all Nigerian and Ethiopian professionals withdrew their services from our hospitals and clinics? All he sees is The Post office were he must wait in line to take his turn. I hope this does not suggest that Burkman jumps queues at the McDonald restaurant, or when boarding a flight. He needs to have some discipline in his life; Buckman is unAmerican.

  8. Daniel says:

    I use to think all US and Uk citizens are the same .
    Am Soo Glad and the movie gave me a re-think,
    I saw a US born citizen could shot down a follish BURKMAN for being STOPID.THIS IS A HUGE MESSAGE TO ALL.


  9. DANIEL says:



  10. Ethiopian @ USPS says:

    Do not blame this person for being a fool and spill out a secret that is common in the secluded whites only area. I remember times when some whites will blurt out as jocko now did and realize the surrounding they are in and retract their comment. Whit America with the exception of very few want to be the cream of the crop and have everyone be depraved of all the good stuff. One must be naïve if he or she thinks that white America will have good intentions towards any person of color. Isn’t it the white Americans that make it a crime to teach African Americans how to read and write and turn round and blame us for being stupid, ignorant, uncivilized. People, Please go to the source don’t scratch the surface and try to blame someone for being honest, this guy said stuff that he discussed with like minded people and this time it happened to be in the wrong time and place.
    This country needs top to bottom honest discussion and remedy to get rid of the injustice that is going on. Agencies like EEOC need to be strengthen, EEOC should not be an institution created for the sake being there for appeasement it should be well funded and well run with a clear mandate of assuring fairness and a true level playing field exists in higher education and workplaces by removing barriers to full participation.

  11. Ethiopian @ USPS says:

    I think there is more stuff than what the highly paid non-productive so-called strategist, talking heads and show moderators can see. It is true that some parts of the world and Nations like the US have reached a point where technology and private firms like UPS and FedEx have made it possible to get things done in a different way than it has been done traditionally using the post office to send letters and packages.
    However what the bubbling racists do not understand is private companies like FedEx and UPS will not keep a route open unless it is profitable, they do not have offices where USPS goes, the day USPS is made for arofit company there will be lots of rural areas that will be left without a post office, the bubbly racist may not care if those poor people would be left without any post office, but the Government that works as non profit for a reason has a vested interest and has to serve every citizen equally. The bubbly racists compare the number of MacDonald in the nation to the number of post office that exist, amazing MacDonald is a for profit that will avoid rural areas places where it thinks it may not have people who may dine out often and so on and to think that there should be more MacDonald than post office is a logic that is full of fallacy and whoever is paying these bubbly raciest talking heads is as stupid as they are. These people are not analytical, they just say stuff that is controversial to have their names mentioned, we know how their world operate it is rating. The only way to get rating is by being offensive and raciest. It is a shameful way of making a living.

  12. Ethiopia says:

    I am a Dental Hygienist and I am Ethiopian. First off all there is nothing wrong being cab driver.Speaking for behalf of Ethiopian , I know a lot of Ethiopians who drives a taxi to support their kids who goes colleges and become independents from their parents and government. I am sure Mr jack can not find a job if he goes to Nigeria or Ethiopia . It takes a lot to go to different country and work , Learning language culture is not easy . For him it seems easy to drive a taxi. I personally have couple friends who went to four years college and graduated and driving taxi on the weekends for pocket money.I am very sad by his comment but i can forgive him . I am just wondering if he knows where Ethiopia and Nigeria are located ?

  13. kathryn johnson says:

    will never vote for a republican. they all think alike.

  14. Bobo Ikenga says:

    Jack Burkman has showcased himself as a racist, xenophobic bigot. As a matter of fact, he has made history,letting the big genie out of the bottle. It is difficult to comprehend how the GOP settled for this guy as strategist. He ends up “strategizing” a chunky constituency vote out of GOP reach. For a party’s “strategist” to talk low-down trash and spew putrid sewage, is unthinkable. Where did they get him from?
    It is either that Jack Burkman really mirrors the GOP and its racist, xenophobic agenda, giving credence to Democratic Party charge of GOP obstructionism on all issues, including the much talked about comprehensive IMMIGRATION REFORM. Or, Jack Burkman might well have been paid off by some GOP opposition to undermine his pay-master and expose the hypocrisy that is the party. Either way, he deserves to be fired. Jack Burkman cannot hunt with hounds and run with hare. Could he be a kind of Houdini, or grandstanding after a glass too many?
    It is now very clear to all that Michael Steele is only being used by the GOP for the sole purpose of recovery of the vote of lost constituency, period. Why wouldn’t the GOP dump him and condemn him to the “undignifying” cab-driving job the very moment the vote-hunt scheme fails and, perhaps, his Nigerian(?) connection happens to get established. Recent rumors making the rounds are strongly suggestive of the GOP leader’s Nigerian(?) connection.
    This whole saga is a monumental (un)strategic loss for the GOP, no thanks to Jack Burkman. The Democrats, with demonstrable transparency on issues impacting the lives of immigrant communities, coolly pick up the diadem on a platter. The GOP needs a more serious-minded Strategist to repair the gratuitous, cataclysmic damage Burkman has done.
    With the right thinking cap on, Jack Burkman’s replacement might be able to do it: drag the GOP out of this messy racism-xenophobia cesspool,into which the mindless genie has steeped it…neck deep. But for how long the GOP will wear that stink is anybody’s guess. Certainly, it is not going away any time soon.

  15. Sam Ude says:

    Jack Burkman is very correct in his display of acute, hatred, ignorance coupled with uninformed and racist bias about Africans in particular.

    Nigerians and Ethopians working in the United States Post Offices are either United States Citizens or Permanent Residents. This is a fact this bigot failed to understand.

    I hope I can get an opportunity on Fox Station to educate him once again that most of the Nigerians working in the Post Office are more educated than him.

    Comments like should encourage all and every eligible African voters to cast their vote against any candidate associated with the establishment Jackass stands for.

    Sam Ude

  16. Sam Ude says:

    Jack Burkman is very correct in his display of acute, hatred, ignorance coupled with uninformed and racist bias about Africans in particular.

    Nigerians and Ethopians working in the United States Post Offices are either United States Citizens or Permanent Residents. This is a fact this bigot failed to understand.

    I hope I can get an opportunity on Fox Station to educate him once again that most of the Nigerians working in the Post Office are more educated than him.

    Comments like this should encourage all and every eligible African voters to cast their vote against any candidate associated with the establishment Jackass stands for.

    Sam Ude

  17. Philicia says:

    Thanks for airing the segment with Jack Burkman.  It was extremely entertaining. He clearly has no idea how the Post Office operates.  The  US Postal Service has been self supporting through the sale of postal products and services for 40 years since the postal reorganization act of 1970!  That means that IT RECEIVES NO TAX DOLLARS!!! It is only regulated by the federal government to insure the sanctity of the mail and maintain the private express statutes mandated by congress and is the only quasi government agency that has ever turned a profit.  Furthermore the Postal Service has been unfairly burdened with paying the retiree benefits for those employees who were under the old tax based system know as C.S.R.S. prior to that reorganization.  Savinig the taxpayers an estimated $30 plus billion dollars. In addition the service has also been forced by an act of congress Pre-Pay future retiree benefits 10 years in advance costing roughly $7 billion a year.  No other government branch of service or private corporation is required to do so.  These two FACTS alone could account for all net operating losses past and future. 
           Thanks again for airing the segment. Jack Burkmans racist anti-union, anti middle class tirade is a perfect example of exactly what GOP has been up to all along. The destruction of the middle class through outright lies and misinformation.

  18. Barbara says:

    Gee Jack,
    Guess Fed Ex and UPS are unskilled labor as well. They probably aren’t in the hole like the USPS because the postal service delivers EVERYWHERE in the US. I don’t think Fed EX or UPS does that at all. We might show a profit if we could cut out doing that. Also what about all of that crap we have to spend TONS OF TIME on. Hmmmmm don’t know what I am talking about. All of that POLITICAL MAIL where the politicians are spewing crap about each other during election time, as if anyone with a brain knows that they are ALL LYING MOUTHY PEOPLE who don’t deserve to be elected. Here we are killing ourselves to get every piece of that THIN mail that, hmmmm I think if the most they pay 3 cents a piece to send through the mail. I would love to see how much Fed Ex or UPS would charge to separate and move it somewhere door to door. They might do it for 4.95 a piece!!!!! Before you start mouthing off about the postal service and what we actually do….think twice. You might need us one day.

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