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Tuesday September 21st 2021

Tri-Cities doctor traveling to Ethiopia to perform eye surgery

From, KNDU-TV: KENNEWICK, Wash.– An eye doctor from the Tri-Cities is traveling to Ethiopia to perform eye surgery on people who have gone blind from cataracts.Dr. James Guzek is an opthamologist at the Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute in Kennewick, but is no stranger to traveling to third world countries to help those who are blind. He’s been to Ghana, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Most Recently, he traveled to Ethiopia in January, where he helped set up a clinic and performed more than 60 surgeries, giving those who are bilaterally blind their sight back. Dr. Guzek says, “We’d pick out 12-15 people every morning. We’d do our testing. We’d do surgery on as many as we could and the 50, 75, 100 other people that were there, we’d never even get to.”

Doctor Guzek says it those people who made him realize he has to return. “It was traumatizing to go and to have to leave people behind who are easily curable and so that’s why I felt, when I left there, I knew that I’d have to go back.” He is going back, October 15 to October 30th and hopes to perform more than 100 surgeries.

“To give somebody back their sight, it’s just wonderful. It’s more a gift for me, or as much a gift for me, as it is for them, who can receive their sight back,” says Dr. Guzek.

The whole trip is costing more than $60,000, not including medical supplies. Dr. Guzek has been working through his Rotary Club to raise money and says they’re always looking for donations. For information about how to donate e-mail

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