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Saturday October 16th 2021

Mibrak’s Story

How Magnificat Home Touched the Life of An Ethiopian Woman

Mibrak Gebrelull, assistant resident manager, Magnificat Home.

Just as winter was arriving and homes were busy with holiday preparations, Mibrak Gebrelull arrived in America with her two young sons and no idea of where home would be.

Little did she know that it would be waiting for her.

Father George Cotter of Maryknoll Missionary in New York picked Mibrak up from the airport.  Father Cotter served for over 20 years as a missionary priest in Ethiopia where Mibrak worked with him.  He is also a mutual friend of the founder of Magnificat Home, Matthew Laracy.

Not knowing where she would settle, and how she would get winter clothing for her children, Mibrak was taken to a home in New York which only allowed for a five day maximum stay.

Once she reached her 5th day, Mibrak was ushered to Magnificat Home where she is currently living “comfortably.”

Magnificat Home provided Mibrak with winter clothing and during Christmas, the room was full of gifts for her and her sons.

Magnificat Home, a non-profit organization which opened its doors in September 2009, is a residence for low-income women.  It offers single rooms, meals, and assistance with health needs.

Currently working for Magnificat Home as an assistant resident manager, the once shy and frightful Mibrak is now confident and has a positive outlook for the future.

These days Mibrak is busy organizing Magnificat Home’s September 19th Ethiopian Cultural Celebration in Jersey City, New Jersey (click here for flyer).  The event will feature Ethiopian food, music, film, and cultural crafts.  The proceeds will benefit Magnificat Home, whose mission is to provide a safe, beautiful, nurturing home for adult women.

Mibrak urges the community to come out and support the organization that has touched her life in many ways.

“Magnificat Home doesn’t get a lot of donations, yet they provide us with everything that we need,” she says proudly.

“I came from Ethiopia and they received me with open arms,” she adds.

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