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Wednesday October 20th 2021

Roadside bomb in Somalia kills 8, wounds 14

(AP) MOGADISHU, Somalia — Medical officials and witnesses say a roadside bomb in Somalia has killed eight people and wounded 14 who were riding on a bus in the capital.

Ahmed Adma, the driver of the bus, said blood and body parts were scattered everywhere after the blast. The driver lost consciousness after the explosion but was not seriously hurt.

Ali Muse, the head of the city’s ambulance service, said five men and three women were killed.

No one immediately claimed responsibility, but many attacks in Somalia are carried out by al-Shabab, an al-Qaida aligned militant group that has vowed to overthrow Somalia’s weak government.

Al-Shabab last week pledged a new “massive” war that has seen nine straight days of violence in Mogadishu

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