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Tuesday September 21st 2021

Friendship Without Borders

Friendship without borders. Sofia, Ekaterina and Tsegai's family at a recent concert in New York City

America.  Everywhere – flags, Starbuck’s, sandwiches, coca-cola, “How are you?.. Can I help you?.. I appreciate it…Have a good day!”  (whatever to sell you anything).  Everybody everywhere is talking about money, finding a second, third, fourth job… – crazy!  What could I expect to discover in the heart of the system, in the neighborhood of the White House, in Washington DC, where the main topic of the summer – the elections in November?  Those who have been there can answer – U&9 street, Adams Morgan.

Now, I want to tell you the story of the greatest find in my life. I’m a student from Russia. My major is English, so I decided to go to the USA for the summer to earn some money and improve my language skills. Like other students, I took part in Work & Travel program and was to work in International Dulles Airport. There, to my surprise, I met dozens of Ethiopian women and men: my manager, co-workers, and employees in the airport… Needles to say, I was shocked to hear one of them speaking Russian! – That’s how I began learning Amharic. That’s where I chanced to hear the astonishing music, got acquainted with the beautiful culture.

Shame on me! Only at the age of 18, I found out about the amazing connection between Russia and Ethiopia, only this summer I learned SOMETHING about Africa and its history. I went twice to the
African museum to read about Axumite Kingdom, religion (it was shocking to see photos of Orthodox churches in Africa!!!), Haile Selassie.

THANK YOU, Fate for letting me know such kind, attentive and hospitable people!  Could I imagine that I would become a friend of the reggae musician who invited my group mate to his concert?  It was a mind-boggling evening – Steel Pulse in 9:30 (for those who saw them it’s enough to understand my rapture!) I fell in love with reggae.  Then, there were other concerts: Zedicus, Getachew Mekuria, Mahmud Ahmed… I couldn’t breathe while watching an Ethiopian dancing – as if the spirit of music was inside him (and I was afraid for his neck!).  I’m head over heals in love with Ethiopia.

Well, I went to America to discover Africa.  Now I miss you, Zakki, Tsegai, Mikias, Lina, Tesfai!  I’m dreaming of going to Ethiopia next summer.


Best wishes!

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