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Saturday October 16th 2021

Ellias Fullmore: Young Achiever Makin’ It Happen

Name:  Ellias “Profit” Fullmore

Age:  32

Current Residence:  San Jose, California

by Teddy Fikre, Meet Ellias Fullmore, also known as the Profit.  If I could emulate a bit of Ellias’s freestyle form to describe him to you, I would say that he is a man on a mission, to fulfill a vision, who dares to attain his aims without the need for superfluous validation.   On second thought, maybe it is best that I leave the rappin to Ellias and let me stick to writing about outstanding achiever who keeps finding new ways to achieve his vision.

So what is Ellias’s vision?  You hear a lot of people say that someone is an “out of the box thinker”, a phrase which has gotten more than a bit trite.  Well Ellias is a man who is able to go back into the box that so many people try to escape and somehow manages to find a new way—he creates something new from something which has already been created.  For example, Ellias is a rapper, yet he was a trailblazer in being one of the first—if not the first—Ethiopian rappers to incorporate hip hop with Ethiopian music.  He has taken the beats of Mahmoud, Tilahun, and many other famous Ethiopian artists and infused a new sound, adding layers of Hip Hop beats and dope lyrics to effectively create a new genre of music in the Ethiopian culture.

Ellias was the force behind Burntface, a record label turned multi-media movement that seeks to revolutionize the way Africa is portrayed in the mass media.  Burntface is a community of Ethiopians and African-Americans that is intent on injecting intellect and originality in a landscape that is littered with unimaginative “gangsta rap” that contributes little towards the cultural advancement of a people.  Burntface music is truly original music for and from original people… Read More

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