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Wednesday October 27th 2021

The Twenty5 Campaign, Keeping Hope Alive

Screen shot from Twenty5 – Ethiopia film

(TsehaiNY) – Who could forget the graphic images of Ethiopia 25 years ago followed by a concert event intended to pull the country out of its misery?  As the world watched and dug deep into their pockets, millions of Ethiopians were dying.

Twenty five years later Ethiopia has made some positive changes thanks in part to the work of organizations such as St. Matthew’s Children’s Fund (SMCF) and JeCCDO.

According to, since the 1984 famine in Ethiopia, SMCF and its Ethiopian partner JeCCDO have already helped many communities to manage their resources, and few people have been badly affected by the current famines in areas where JeCCDO is working.

Below, the   Twenty5 – Ethiopia film

However, Ethiopia is more food dependent now than ever before.  In just 25 years, Ethiopia’s population has almost doubled rising from 40 to 80 million thus creating a challenge for the country’s agricultural production.  A reminder that if we don’t pay close attention, the current situation in Ethiopia can easily become worse.

The Twenty5 campaign is aimed at ensuring Ethiopian people never again experience the devastating effects of widespread famine and in the 25 year anniversary have released a video.  In the touching video, people recount the harsh experiences they faced during the famine and how 25 years later, they are still impacted by those who reached out and helped.

In a clip, a man named Biadglign is shown smiling as he states that his scars are a reminder of the starvation and misery he suffered as a baby 25 years ago but because of the help he has received he is alive.

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