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Wednesday October 20th 2021

Ethiopia finalizes construction of electricity transmission lines to its neighbours

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopia announced on Tuesday the finalization of the construction of electricity transmission lines that will help the country to supply electricity to its neighbours.

The Ethiopian Electricity Power Corporation (EEPCo) said that the interconnection line joining Ethiopia and Djibouti is nearing completion while the lines to Kenya and Sudan are being carried out as scheduled.

Ethiopia is expected to begin supplying power to Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti as from next year.

The electricity transmission lines are being set up with a multi-million US dollars support, obtained from the World Bank.

The neighbouring countries have already signed agreements to import electricity from Ethiopia.

Currently, Ethiopia is undertaking billions of dollars worth of investment on hydro-electric projects, which will help the country to become the leader in power generation in the sub-region.

According to the corporation, there is a plan to increase the country’s power capacity to 10,000 megawatt in the next five to ten years.

Currently, Ethiopia is generating 2,000 megawatt of power for its local consumption.

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