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Tuesday September 21st 2021

Addis Embiyalow: Young Achiever Makin’ It Happen

Name:  Addis Embiyalow

Home Town:      Toronto, Canada

Current Town:  Toronto Canada


There are not too many people as active and passionate about life as Addis Embiyalow. Maybe this enthusiasm for life can be traced back to her birth, when Addis was born on the first day of the year (New Years Day) and in the process of her introduction to life, Addis almost lost her mother.  Addis’s mother survived this near death experience and as a consequence named her only daughter Addis—as in Addis Hiwot, Addis Amet (New Life or New Year; symbolic of a New Beginning). From that moment on, it seems that Addis has never taken life for granted, expanding her creative talents from delving into acting, music, dance, modeling, athletics, and much more. An all around dynamic woman, Addis embodies the spirit of Yitchalal in ways that is beyond description… Continued @

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