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Saturday October 16th 2021

One Beauty-Full Story

Inside the up-beat Dramatics (at the 1185 2nd Avenue between 62nd & 63rd location in New York City) Etsegenet Kiflu, an Ethiopian native is known by her clients as Victory.  No other name could be suitable for the determined woman who found her victory here in America.

During her childhood years in Ethiopia, Etsegenet recalled having a vision of one day owning a beauty salon. Etsegenet worked towards her dream by attending a training program while she was in Ethiopia, and also continuing her dream here in America by enrolling in beauty school.   “I am naturally creative,” she explained.  “Doing make-up and hair, this is me.  I have to go for it.”

Etsegenet has been a beautician for three years now and employed at Dramatics for two years.  It is a profession she describes as her “passion.”

What Etsegenet likes the most about being a beautician are the satisfaction of her clients after they see the results.  “To see people happy with their hairstyle makes my day and every day I enjoy my job,” she said.  “This is the happiest and most pleasurable job.  There is a big satisfaction at the end of the day.”

Tigist Kelkay of Jersey City, New Jersey recently had the chance to visit Dramatics and described the beauty parlor as very nice and clean.  “I felt welcome inside Dramatics and the prices are reasonable,” she said.  When asked about Etsegenet (Victory) who was her stylist, Tigist’s reply was, “Victory knows what she is doing and gave me great advice on how to manage my hair.  She is very nice and has a cheerful persona.”

Below are some tips and advice from Etsegenet, a versatile beautician who “provides different services for any hair type.”

Getting to the Root of Things: Some Hair Myths Dispelled

How Often Should You Relax Your Hair?
The length of time between relaxing your hair depends on the type of hair you have.  While relaxing your hair makes it easier to manage, you can do more harm than good if you forget about keeping up with your relaxer.  Hair grows half an inch monthly so you should relax it every 2 and a half months.  If not, the hair will break into 2 different textures.  The new growth is healthy but the part that is relaxed will start breaking off.

Is Hair Coloring Bad?
Coloring your hair is not bad but a combination of applying different chemicals will affect the hair.  When coloring your hair, make sure to always condition it.  You have to maintain it or otherwise you will be creating more work.

How Often Should You Trim Your Ends?
It is always recommended to trim your ends every 6-8 weeks.  When you have split ends, the ends split all the way to the roots.  Hair gets thinner and breaks off.  When you cut a quarter, you are saving an inch.  The longest you can go without cutting your split ends is 8 weeks.

Should I Really Go to the Salon Every Two Weeks?
There is no rule that states you should go to the salon every 2 weeks and some even go twice in one week.  It really depends on the type of hair you have.  Nevertheless, keep in mind that washing your hair too often reduces your hairs natural moisture.

Dramatics has been beautifying New York since 1984 and now has 9 different locations.  For more information on Dramatics visit http://www.dramaticsnyc.comor to make an appointment with Etsegenet (Vict

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