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Wednesday October 27th 2021

Young Achievers Makin’ It Happen

Right to Left: Liya Endale, Robel kassa, Mike Endale, Hanna Tadesse

by Teddy Fikre, The “Young Achievers Makin’ It Happen” is an initiative to highlight the depth and breadth of talent that resides in our community in our community.  The focus will be on the younger generation, those who toil day in and day out and are making big impacts yet rarely are given their due credit.  The truth is that our community does not embrace and empower the younger generation as much as it should, we are quick to heap praise on a “Doctor” or a “Professor” but rarely take time to acknowledge and support those who don’t have a fancy title in front of their first name or after their last name.

Every week, a different person will be highlighted for the amazing work they are embarking on.  These young achievers are diverse in their life story and their efforts.  Some are business people; some are artists, while others are writers or philanthropists.  The aim is to show that being successful does not mean that you have to follow the conventional path, that one can be successful by following their passion and working hard at it.

Once a month, as we are doing today, the four “Young Achievers” will be grouped in one article and readers will get a chance to vote on the person they are most impressed by. The top vote getter will “win” the given month.  We will do this once a month, and at the end of a one year cycle, the top 12 monthly winners will be selected and a comprehensive article will be written about the top 12 and readers will then have a chance to select the “Young Achiever of the Year”.

This is your chance to take part in this initiative.  Below is a poll that lists the four “Young Achievers” for the month of June, and below the poll, in case you missed it, is the synopsis of the four Young Achievers for the month of June.  Read their stories and then vote on who you think should be the “Young Achiever” for the month of June… Click here to Read the stories and vote

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