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Tuesday September 21st 2021

The Young and the Hopeless

Betemekeds, the author of this article

From; I am so proud to be Ethiopian! I hear this from every Ethiopian I know which also makes me to consider other aspects of my culture and country.  The thought that my culture and its historical stories will not be preserved scares me, if not downright petrifying the hell out of me.  It is very easy for most Ethiopians to look at our proud and distinguished history and feel pride in our past kings and queens. The question that rankles me then is aimed at those who are so proud of your history; what are we going to tell our kids and grandkids when they ask us about what we did for our country?

Are we going to be the generation with no memorable history, or the generation that did not care? Are we going to be the gap between our histories?  Why is that we talk so much of the past, but when it comes to the present, we do not address our modern/present day history. News flash:  whatever today offers is going to be our history in the future. The positivity and negativity of today is how the present generation is going to be remembered.  We have the power to change; we have a choice in how our present generation is going to be remembered.  Not only is there a feeling of preservation to be remembered but a feeling to give back to our future what the past has given us… Read More

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