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Wednesday October 20th 2021

Ethiopia, UNDP sign over $300 million support agreement

Source, APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) The Ethiopian government and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP on Tuesday in Addis Ababa signed a $329 million support agreement for various development works in Ethiopia.

According to the agreement, the money will be used to undertake various development activities throughout Ethiopia in the next two years through the various UN agencies that are operating in the country.

Health, education, water supply, food security, and agriculture, among others, which will be given priority in the agreement.

Good governance and capacity building as well as sanitation works will also be carried out nationally as part of the programme in the next two years.

The agreement was signed by the Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Ahmed Shide and UNDP Ethiopia representative Samuel Nyambi.

UNDP is one of Ethiopia’s top development partners, which is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in various development works in the country annually.

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6 Responses to “Ethiopia, UNDP sign over $300 million support agreement”

  1. Ghion says:

    Given the Ethiopian government’s record in using the fund appropriately I will support it 100% and our country needs developmental programs like this in every way possible.

  2. Juambo says:

    Good governance for current Ethiopia hhhhhh. Meles has achieved his “good governance” goal. He controlled 99.6% of the seats and he democratized Ethiopia fully. Why does he need more money to spend on good governance projects?
    Shame on UNDP. How can it tell us that Meles is working on good governance? This money is given to reinforce Meles’ dictatorship and grip to power. History will tell all the supports to the dictators.

  3. Abebe says:

    Ghion, i hope you were being sarcastic because even a blind bat can see through the bs your are talking about

  4. The Ethiopian government’s prudence in the use of aid money is widely acknowledged.
    Both supporters and critics of Meles Zenawi agree on this fact.

  5. Bad R says:

    The bulk of this money will not even come to the country. more than 75% of this money will be wasted as salary for UNDP expats.Up to 20 % the total also goes as travel and travel related allowances for the UNDP big cats. Ethiopia will not see anything more than 5 % fo this money. this is the sad truth about the so called UNDP, UNICEF, FAO and WFP assistant agreement with poor countries.governments have little leverage on UN money.

  6. Chet Litaker says:

    Exactly where will it be, i would like to read more about this particular article, thanks.

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