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Saturday October 16th 2021

Review: Akale Wube Releases Self-Titled Debut CD

Source: Addis Tunes, by Nadia Ghanem:  The all instrumental French quintet Akale Wube was born in 2008 from the magnificent thigh of Ethiopian musical legacy – well almost, at least born from the eternal love for Ethiojazz the Ethiopiques collection awoke.  They have now released their 12 track album ‘Akale Wube‘ on Clapson, inscribing their five branch-mark onto Ethiojazz’s wall with tributes to all the crowned negast, from Alemayehu Eshete to Muluqen Melesse, Mahmoud Ahmed and of course Mulatu Astatke.

One of the most interesting aspects of all instrumental bands is how creative they get at transposing and reinterpreting the sung parts of a composition, and Akale Wube’s repertoire is naturally based on songs.  It is on this line of audio-pleasure that they strike : Alemayehu Eshete’s voice is metamorphosed into a flute or a piano in Ayalqem Tedengo, in essence wood instruments and they fit Eshete’s voice so ably – for his was, to my sense, soft and bendable like a reed.  Your ears will meet in translatio-notation Muluqen Melesse’s electrifying vocal leaps (in Djemeregne) now a flute and the tickle of guitar melodies… Read More

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