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Tuesday September 21st 2021

Lucy’s ‘great-grandfather’ found

From MSNBC, An international team of archaeologists say they have discovered a 3.6 million-year-old partial skeleton from the same species as Lucy, a younger and more famous fossil that was found nearby.

This skeleton has a longer name: Kadanuumuu, which means “big man” in Ethiopia’s Afar language. Like the 3.3 million-year-old Lucy skeleton, Kadanuumuu was found in the East African country’s Afar region, and shares the species name Australopithecus afarensis. Australopiths are fossil species that share some traits with chimpanzees – for instance, protruding faces and small brains – but share other traits with humans. Most importantly, their skeletons appear to have been built for upright walking.  Read More

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