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Wednesday October 27th 2021

The Real Wedding Happens In…

…Ethiopia! So I will be departing for Ethi in roughly two weeks for my friend’s wedding. I am ironically caught between running out of time before I am set for the trip and the time not going fast enough until I reach Addis. There is a huge group of people making this trip to be present for this special day-or should I say days! Yep-our traditional wedding ceremony starts weeks before the actual reception and lasts far beyond the actual day. That’s what I am anxious to see. I remember a tent full of people singing wedding songs way before the wedding day. Back when I was in Addis, half of the children gathered to sing may not even know the family but take part in warming up to that special day anyways.

There was quite a fight and struggle before the groom gets to enter the house and get to the bride. The groom and his party have to endure several rounds of “Anasgebam Sergegna” before he gets to see the bride. Is this still going on? I guess I will have to find out. Once he leaves with the bride, they are followed by several decorated cars beeping and blowing their way to the next destination.

The actual reception party is ever unforgettable. Women and men bring their hidden talents of Eskista and dare to win their partners. Perhaps one of the most emotional moments is when the bride kisses the elder’s knees. This tradition leaves everyone teary as this moment symbolizes everything the bride and her family endured until this special day. And who can forget the famous “Bir anbar sebereliwo, Bir anbar Sebereliwo!” I was 14 years old when I figured out what it meant!

So there are certain vivid memories of traditional weddings I remember from way back when. Whether I will get to see them again is only a matter of time. I will keep you updated when I get back…


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