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Wednesday October 20th 2021

Op-Ed: The New Era in American Democracy

After forty four years blacks had been given  a chance to vote by the Lyndon Johnson Administration, the forty fourth president of the USA was elected yesterday by winning more than sixty percent of the white vote. This is indeed historical by any measurement for the whole humanity. America  fulfilled Martin Luther King’s dream for people to be judged by their Character than the Color of their skin.

Character overcome fear, prejudice and defeated skin color by  52 percent to 47 percent margin. The world has never seen such celebration from east coast to west coast of United States by citizens of all colors celebrating as one people  without a single racial incident and that says much about the new America, America indeed the beautiful.

Barack Obama’s, the forty four president of United States, portrait flashing on the giant screen last night in Times Square, New York in the middle of the forty three white male presidents among which twelve of them owned slaves is one of the milestone in America and in fact world history. In this planet earth there is no place where you could find respect for black race including our own Africa . Blacks are facing insults, beating and killing for exercising  their right to vote in any kind of elections by their own “black masters” who have  low expectations for their own black people.

The monkey chant in European stadiums and the street attack by white supremacists on European streets and the Asian countries prejudice against black people is all known and Americans by putting a black person as their leader has now challenged the world to show respect for fellow black people wherever they are.

I have no doubt, however,  it is only in America blacks can reach to the highest office through democratic election living as members of the minority community. This could not have been possible in Europe and you should not even think in Asia and that is what Americans did last night and we are all proud to call ourselves  Americans.

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