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Saturday October 16th 2021

The One?

Fairytales of “the One” has damaged more women in ways that are unquantifiable, we need to stop chasing after the one and be the one for ourselves first.

by Mariam Fikre: (BrownCondor.Com)

Growing up, we fantasize of a Cinderella fairy tale life where we will meet our prince charming who will come and sweep us off our feet and live happily ever after with. This fantasy has lead many of us to ultimately grow up and be disappointed and heartbroken because we found out that life is not the fairy tale we anticipated and neither is a relationship. Just as life is beautiful as it is challenging so is a relationship.

The truth is there should be no prince charming that should come and sweep us off our feet and live happily ever after with until we have found the real princess in ourselves first. Until we discover the princess in ourselves, there will never be a prince to measure up to that will treat us the way we deserve to be treated.  This is what we don’t get from the Cinderella fairy tale, the idea that we need to first know our worth before we expect someone else to know it and show us. People treat us as we treat ourselves so why are we in such a rush to meet “the one” when we first have not found the one in ourselves.

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