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Wednesday October 27th 2021

TsehaiNY on Brown Condor Radio


Time:  Monday, May 17th, 8:30 PM EST

Tsehai means sun in Amharic.  These days, a lot of Tsehai is being spread in New York and beyond.  Let me introduce you to Berhan and Tiberah Tsehai, two siblings that started is one of the most powerful Ethiopian related websites.  What originally started as a regional publication for the NY and NJ area has become a must read website for thousands of Ethiopians.  In fact, is ranked in the top 3% of all websites in the world, an amazing feat and an astonishing growth rate.
On Monday, May 17th, you will have a chance to listen to the two people who founded this website.  Tune in on Monday at 8:30 PM to listen to Tiberah and Berhan Tsehai LIVE on BC Radio.

Interview:  Tiberah and Berhan Tsehai
Date:  Monday, May 17th
Time:  8:30 PM EST

In the Amharic language, Tsehai means the sun.  The purpose of this online magazine is to connect the Ethiopian community that is spread throughout the New York and New Jersey area.  Since this growing community is not concentrated in any one particular area, only the rays of the sun could truly reach out in bonding this is a website dedicated to linking the Ethiopian community in and around the New York area.  It is the goal of to encourage unity within our neighborhood and to promote local businesses and events through the various stories we bring.

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  1. Dawit says:


    The Ethiopian community who lives in New Jersey and New York area proud and honored to have likes Tiberah and Berhan.As Brown Condor Radio honored your work and commitment. I can think of no one more deserving of this honor that you bring in our community. By your example you have taught us the true meaning of commitment in Ethiopian community .I cannot remember a time when you have not been an active volunteer in our community.



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