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Saturday October 16th 2021

Ethiopia commemorates defeat of Italian invaders

Medals left to right: Patriots Medal with 1 palm (awarded to those fighting in Ethiopia) Refugees Medal with 4 palms (awarded to Ethiopians helping from outside the country) Star of Victory Medal (1941) (awarded to all combatants) Each palm represents one year of service. All Photos - © Andrew Chadwick

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopia on Wednesday observed Patriots’ Day commemorating its victory over the Italian forces who attempted to seize control of Addis Ababa in 1941.

The day is being observed for the 69th time with various activities.

Here in Addis Ababa, the day-May 5- is being observed with a mass gathering at Arat Killo where a monument was erected to commemorate the liberation of Ethiopia in 1941.

The president of the Ethiopian Patriots Association, Astatke Yimer said that the day is historical for Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.

He urged the youth to know history and to work hard to make ignorance history.

“Now, it is the turn of the youth to keep their country’s history and do their utmost to eradicate poverty, which remains a challenge,” said Yimer.

Dozens of war veterans as well as government officials attended the ceremony in which they urged the youth to keep the legacy of the Ethiopian patriots.

Ethiopia, home to around 80 million population, is the only African country, which has never been colonized.

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