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Wednesday October 27th 2021

Ethiopia Pavilion at Shanghai China Expo 2010

Pavilion Features

Ethiopia Pavilion will showcase the ancient civilization that has been passed on for centuries, essence of wisdom and urban evolution, as well as how the Ethiopians protect cultural tradition and historic heritage and address the challenges of urbanization.


The pavillion is divided into three exhibition areas: the Ancient City-Harar Jugol, the Story of Coffee and the Eight World Heritage Sites. The most eye-catching area is ‘the Ancient City-Harar Jugol’. Passing through the city gate and wall to the street, you will be impressed by variety of magnificent architectures, such as the most ancient mosque in Africa and the residence of French poet Arthur Rimbaud, etc. The thriving marketplace crowded with bustling venders will show you a vivid picture of people’s life in the Ancient City, Harar Jugol. At one end of the street under a big Ethiopian-style umbrella, the Story of Coffee is unveiled. You can join in a local coffee party for a break. At the other end, another area is dedicated to the Eight World Heritage Sites of the country.


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